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{{sandbox header}}<!-- Add your edits immediately below this line. -->
{{sandbox header}}<!-- Add your edits immediately below this line. -->
<div style="border:1px solid #9cc; background-color:#eff; margin:1em 3em; padding:.5em 3em; text-align:center;">
This {{if|test={{{scope|}}}|then={{{scope}}}|else=article}} needs to be formatted and/or linked to other articles according to our [[Help:Editing|style guidelines]].{{if|test={{{1|}}}|then=&#32;Specifically, an editor has suggested: {{{1}}}.}}
Please remove this notice when this has been done.
</div><includeonly>[[Category:Articles to be wikified]]</includeonly><noinclude>
; Usage
: {{t|wikify}}
: {{t|wikify|''suggested changes''}}
: {{t|wikify|scope{{equals}}section}}
:: (Use the last form to change the message to say "section" instead of "article".)
; Notes
# The two parameters shown above can be used together and can appear in either order (see below). Note that {{tp|scope}} must be used as a "named parameter" — meaning you '''must''' use "{{tpn|scope{{equals}}}}".
# Actually, {{tpn|scope}} can be set to any desired text, which (if present) is then substituted for the word "article" in the message. In particular, note that this means it follows the word "This" and precedes "needs". Keep this in mind if you want to use something other than the word "section".
; Examples
: {{t|wikify|please replace HTML with {{l|Help:Editing|wikicode}} where possible}}
: {{t|wikify|scope{{equals}}section|add links}}
: {{t|wikify|add links|scope{{equals}}section}}
[[Category:Box templates|Wikify]]
[[Category:Maintenance templates|Wikify]]

Revision as of 06:40, 25 July 2008

Welcome to the Iron Chariots Wiki Sandbox

This is a place to try out test edits if you don't want to change any other existing page of the wiki. In particular, you can try out wiki syntax you're unsure about.

There's a companion "testing" template called Template:Sandbox that you can use in combination with this page to test template behavior. To insert the template's contents into this page, use the template call {{sandbox}}. (You'll have to edit the template separately, of course.)

This page will be cleared periodically to make way for new editing experiments. If you need to see an older version of the page, you can find it in the page history.

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