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(creating several pages of copied lists to help identify missing articles about prominent atheists)
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* [[Project:Requested pages/List of atheists (Miscellaneous)|List of atheists (Miscellaneous)]]
* [[Project:Requested pages/List of atheists (Miscellaneous)|List of atheists (Miscellaneous)]]
[[Category:Iron Chariots|Requested pages/Atheists]]
[[Category:Content development|Requested pages/Atheists]]

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The following pages are copies of the various lists of atheists at Wikipedia. They have been copied to this wiki simply to indicate which names have articles here and which don't. Do not try to maintain any of these lists (e.g., adding or deleting names, or correcting info).

Please do follow any "redlinks" you think should be existing articles here on Iron Chariots if you wish to create the article yourself. (Note that not every person in the lists will be sufficiently relevant to our purposes on this wiki to warrant an article here.)

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