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{{Lists of atheists from Wikipedia|List of atheists (music)|February 2, 2010}}
{{Lists of nontheists from Wikipedia|List of nontheists (music)|February 2, 2010}}
[[File:Javed Akhtar 1.jpg|thumb|right|100px|[[Javed Akhtar|Akhtar]]]]
[[File:Javed Akhtar 1.jpg|thumb|right|100px|[[Javed Akhtar|Akhtar]]]]

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Iron Chariots Wiki:Requested pages/Lists of nontheists

The content below was copied to this wiki from Wikipedia:List of nontheists (music), February 2, 2010.

Do not try to maintain this list, as it may be periodically overwritten by a new version. It exists here only to indicate what names do and do not have articles here at Iron Chariots.

In particular, please:

  • Do not add or remove any names. (Of course, you may attempt these kinds of edits on the original Wikipedia article, if you wish. You may also add names to Iron Chariots Wiki:Requested pages#People.)
  • Do not correct any information. (You can edit the Wikipedia article if you find any mistakes.)
  • Do not fix any broken wiki code. (Many articles, images, categories and templates that exist on Wikipedia do not exist here. Don't try to fix these kinds of problems. Especially don't bother fixing problems caused by the <ref> syntax not working on this wiki.)
  • Do not fix any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. (This is not an article in the main namespace — it need not be treated as such.)


  • Please do follow any broken link ("redlink") you think deserves an article here on Iron Chariots, if you wish to create the article yourself. (Note that not every person listed below will be sufficiently relevant to our purposes on this wiki to warrant an article here.)


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