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Got a page that you would love to see an article about, but you don't have the time or knowledge to write it yourself? Put a request here and somebody may do your work for you!

For those who are editing, don't forget to check the Wanted Pages list.

If any of the requests below link to existing articles, but those articles are still very short, please remove the entry here and tag the article with an appropriate stub template. Stub articles in need of expansion can be found in the Stubs category.


Religious nut bios

Wacky Bible stories



Legal affairs

(Court cases, the state of freedom of religion in various states and countries, etc.)

  • Torcaso v. Watkins -- The supreme court case that extended "no religious test" to states.

Supernatural things


  • Virtual particles (I don't know much about them, but they have been mentioned as another possible way for the universe to come into existence without god.)
  • Koran science (I can not tell you how may times I have listened to a muslim defend the origins of the Koran with the argument that it provides scientific information that an illiterate man could never have know. There are so many ridiculous claims though that this would be a very lengthy project.)



TV shows

Other media/presentations


Even more general

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