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Post requests to expand, reduce or modify our Interwiki map on this page, below (see Wikipedia:InterWiki for background information).

The websites listed below need not be wikis, but they do need to have a well defined page name structure that lends itself to wiki links. Don't add a site unless its pages can be predictably linked to using a link of the form:


SitePrefix will be replaced by a fixed URL (as listed below, with PageName substituted for "$1" in the URL). Note that PageName can contain spaces, but these will be converted to underscores(_) in the final URL, not plus signs (+) nor hex codes (%20).

The SitePrefix codes, which are case insensitive, must not contain any spaces ( ), colons (:), ampersands (&), or equal signs (=) — in fact, we probably should just avoid punctuation completely — and also should not match any of this wiki's namespaces, nor any ISO 639 language codes (en, de, fr, ...), just in case we decide to expand Iron Chariots to separate language wikis in the future (see Wikipedia:Interlanguage links).

Finally, please keep the SitePrefix codes easily identifiable. People should be able to tell what site you're referring to, more or less, even if they're not very familiar with the "wikiverse" (for example, using "wikt" for Wiktionary is a bad idea, even if it is an acceptable prefix when linking from Wikimedia sites).

With the foregoing caveats in mind, feel free to add any wikis or other relevant websites to the table below. (If you wish to discuss potential changes before suggesting them here, please visit the discussion page.)

Requested additions/changes

SitePrefix URL Comments
Forum$1 I thought it'd be nice to have a interwiki for our discussion forum(s). I know the links won't be able to use regular English phrases, as with links to sites like Wikipedia, but at least this entry would allow [[:Forum:]] for linking to the Forum Index. - dcljr 13:01, 19 September 2006 (CDT)
ForumNumber$1 I assume once a forum gets a number, it's "permanent"... For example, [[ForumNumber:6]] would link to the General Discussion forum.
ForumTopic$1 Likewise for topics. Example: [[ForumTopic:95]] would link to the Jesus Camp thread.

Requested deletions

List any sites you feel should be removed from our interwiki map. Please give a reason.

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