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An interwiki map is a list of "shortcuts" that enables the editors of a wiki to use simple "internal style" wikilinks to link to specific pages on external wikis or other websites, provided that those sites have a predictable URL format. For further background information, please see Wikipedia:InterWiki.



An interwiki link is a link of the form:

[[:SitePrefix:Target page]]

where SitePrefix comes from the table below and Target page is the name of the page at the remote site.


As this example shows, Target page can contain spaces; these will be converted to underscores (_) in the final URL.

Note that SitePrefix is completely case insensitive), so capitalization does not matter. Target page, however, usually must match the remote page name exactly. The first colon (:) is optional and should only be needed if the link is not properly interpreted as an in-line interwiki link. (This might happen, for example, if we set up different language wikis for this site and SitePrefix matches one of the language codes used; see Wikipedia:Interlanguage links for more information about this.)

Our interwiki map

This table contains only what we consider the most useful sites for editors working on the Iron Chariots wiki. The full interwiki map is available separately. Unless you already know what site you want to link to, you probably should stick to this list.

Iron Chariots additions/changes
SitePrefix URL Comment
BibleGatewayNIV$1&version=31 Added (New International Version)
BibleGatewayKJV$1&version=9 Added (King James Version)
BibleWiki$1 Added
WikiaCentral$1 Added
WikiaSite$1 Added
WikimediaCommons$1 Added
WikimediaMeta$1 Added
Wikipedia$1 Added
Wikireason$1 Added
Wikisource$1 Modified default entry to new URL

Only administrators should edit this table, since it needs to match the actual interwiki map being used by the MediaWiki software.

Requesting changes

Requests for changes to this list, including additions and, if necessary, deletions of sites, can be made by anyone at:

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