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==Finding articles==
==Finding articles==
* [[:Category:Browse categories|Browse categories]]
* [[:Category:Browse categories|Browse categories]]
* [[Iron Chariots Wiki:Searching|Searching]]
* [[Project:Searching|Searching]]
* [[Current events]]
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Welcome to the Community Portal for the wiki!

Background information

Discussion and collaboration

  • The Iron Chariots Forums can be used for general discussion about this wiki or other matters.
  • Individual articles can be discussed on their own "discussion" (or "talk") pages. (See Iron Chariots Wiki:Namespaces for more information about special kinds of wiki pages.)
  • Individual users, including site administrators, can be contacted through their respective user talk pages. For a list of users who have contributed to an article, see that particular page's "history".
  • For help with wiki jargon, see Wikipedia's Glossary.

Finding articles

Editing articles

Site news

  • 2012-02-26: Our MediaWiki software has been upgraded to version 1.18.1, including an extension adding the ability to use <ref> tags. You can now easily cite sources in articles — but note that we don't have all the fancy {{cite}} templates that Wikipedia does.

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