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This page is intended to be a central place to discuss matters of categorization (discuss issues on the talk page then transfer guidelines to this page when a consensus has been reached).

The current category structure can be browsed beginning at Category:Browse categories. An alphabetical list of categories is available at Special:Categories.

See also:

  • Special:Allpages — choose the "Category" namespace and you can get an alphabetical listing of categories starting at a specified place (example)
  • Special:Prefixindex — similar interface, but this returns only those categories whose names start with (i.e., actually contain, at the beginning) the specified string (example)

Basic philosophy

The [[Category:]] mechanism of the MediaWiki software provides for a "bottom-up" approach to page classification. This is in contrast to the "top-down" approach provided by the construction of "index" or "topic" pages (pages whose main purpose is to link to other articles). Both approaches are useful and can coexist on a wiki.

Naming of categories

We need to decide on category naming conventions.

One convention that has already seen wide use:

Other issues

See Wikipedia's "Categorization" page for an idea of some of the issues that might arise and their possible solutions.

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