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Information Theory Argument

The Information Theory Argument is a type of semantics argument often claimed to be a scientific argument for the existence of a god that combines the fine tuning argument with the watchmaker argument. The apologetic is usually structured around the premise that DNA has "information" within it and information is only something that can be created by a mind. Often, the main point of contention between atheists and theists who present this apologetic is the usage of the word "information" to describe what DNA contains. This apologetic is usually used by theists who accept the theory of evolution as the best explanation for the diversity of species but reject the theory of abiogenesis as the explanation for the origin of life.


Since information can only be generated by conscious minds, then it is obvious that DNA in all life was created by a god or god-like being. There is no natural phenomenon which can generate information in such a coherent and relevant manner.


  • The vast majority of scientist agree that DNA is a storage system of coded information. Since all known codes are known to have been created by intelligent minds and there are no known codes which are created by natural processes, the rational conclusion to draw is that an intelligent designer created DNA.

Counter Apologetics

Information Theory Argument Is Tautological

If it could be shown that a self-replicating phenomenon (which may take a form other than DNA) that undergoes random mutation and non-random natural selection without the intervention of intelligent beings, then the whole argument is revealed to be nothing more than a tautology rather than anything resembling a theory. There is no experiment which can be performed to validate the apologetic. There is no means to falsify it. It is not a scientific argument.

Information Is A Label

Everything in reality can be classified into one broad umbrella catagory of "phenomenon". There are two broad types of phenomenon, those being Entities and Relationships. DNA is a type of molecule that is made up of both entities and relationships, those being the atoms that compose it and the way they are bonded together, respectively. Ultimately, DNA is a phenomenon. Intelligent beings label phenomenon with words. The Theory of Abiogenesis has shown how it is possible for this self-replicating molecule can emerge by natural causes, and there are other theories of how other self-replicating systems that undergo random mutation and non-random natural selection can occur naturally under completely accidental circumstances.

Self Refuting

If we accept the premise that DNA contains information, and the only minds can create information, then it is safe to assume that for minds to create information they must contain information too. This then begs the question, who created the information in god's mind? Doesn't god then too need a creator resulting in an infinite regress?

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