If God didn't create everything, who did?

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This argument is a result of a theist not being able to imagine that it was not in fact, a being that made the universe. It is an example of the argument from ignorance, and begging the question.


  • The word "who" makes this a complex question: the person asking the question presupposes that the universe was created by a person (a "who" rather than a "what"). A better question would be "How did the universe come into existence?"
  • The question can also be seen as a false dichotomy that assumes that either 1) God created the universe, or 2) some other being did so, and ignores the fact that both of those explanations might be wrong. Any being who had the power to create the universe would, by definition be a god, so the very question is illogical.
  • An unproven concept or thing cannot be the default answer to a question, if we don't otherwise know. The default answer is "we don't know, yet". The argument can be circular, because the point of the question is to demonstrate the very thing (God) that's assumed to be the default answer, which hasn't been demonstrated yet, etc.
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