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Holy Riders MC Germany
Turn or Burn Rally 2010


General information

The Holy Riders MC (HRMC) is an evangelistic Christian motorcycle club founded in 1981 in Norway. They call themselves an "evangelistic motorcycle club". They do not attempt to act as a church substitute for their members. They actively proselytize among motorcyclists. They don't endorse any specific flavour of Christianity, although the author of this article has personally seen the former president of the German chapter throw a Catholic woman out at one of their motorcycle rallies for spreading the "false message" of the Catholic church (while I myself was JackDaniel'sd up to the brim and was not kicked out - hypocrites).


The Holy Riders MC was founded in 1981 in Norway. Since then the club has spread all over Norway and swapped over to Germany in 1999.


The HRMC currently runs 18 chapters in Norway, namely Aalesund, Aust Adger, Bergen, Indre Adger, Indre Ostfold, Lofoten, Lyngdal, Mjosa, Nedre Buskerud, Nordhordland, Oslo, Sunnhordland, Sydvest, Telemark, Trondelag, Vestfold, West, Ytre Ostfold and a national chapter in Germany.

Chapter Germany

The German chapter of the HRMC was founded in 1999 by Kornelius Novak, who had met and become a member the Norwegian club earlier.

The HRMC Germany tries to set up contacts to other MCs and biker groups like the Hells Angels MC, the Gremium MC, the Bandidos MC, the Outlaws MC, just to name a few big ones. They try to act as a calm haven in a conflict laden environment. They do not claim any territory and do not support any club politics.

They regularly and actively proselytize among bikers on all kinds of motorcycle-related events like the "European Bike Week" in Faak am See, Austria, the "INTERMOT" in Cologne, Germany or the beautiful "Elefantentreffen" in Thurmannsbang / Solla, Germany. They also visit other clubs in their own places.

When the founder and former president of the chapter tried to restructure the chapter to no longer proselytize among bikers only, he was excluded from the club and a shitstorm ensued. He then founded a new organisation named Jesus Family which, generally speaking, was a barrel burst.

Leadership and rules

The statutes of the HRMC Germany are the strictest in the entire club. Hey, after all they're Germans! While their Norwegian friends don't mind having a beer or two it's an absolute don't for the Germans.

The following information might be outdated and is to be used with caution. Since the former president was excluded the rules might have been loosened.

According to the statutes of the HRMC Germany all club officials are anointed, never elected. Members are not allowed to smoke (at all), drink any alcohol in public when wearing the club's color (the large patch on the back of their jackets) or share a home with their partners in extra-marital relationships. Members are required to be active members of a church. Gays are not welcome.

Club membership requires riding with the club as a so-called "hangaround" for a not specified length of time, usually one year, after which the person is "anointed" as "prospect", usually for another year. Prospects can then be "anointed" as full members at their annual "Rüstwochenende".

The smoking-and-drinking-rules apply to hangarounds and prospects, too. They have to actively take part in the usual activities of the club. During the hangaround-period the person is not allowed to wear any non-religious patches on their jackets, prospects do not yet wear the full color, only the chest patches "Holy Riders MC", "Jesus lebt" and "Turn or Burn" and a small patch with the club's logo as well as the so-called "bottom rocker", the banner on their back saying "Germany". Members may not wear any additional patches on their jackets.

Propaganda Material

The most favourite propaganda material of the HRMC is the Biker-Bibel, a special edition of the New Testament including several testimonies of Bikers who converted to Christianity in times of hardship.

Regular Events

The HRMC organize their own regular events like the "Pilegrimstreffet", the "EMC Bike Week" (European Motorcyclists for Christ) and the "Turn or Burn Rally", the name of which is the most blatant version of Pascal's Wager ever. Where's Jeff Dee when you need him...? They meet for an internal "Rüstwochenende" every year to pray together and discuss upcoming events and their general strategy.


Holy Riders MC Norway: http://www.holyriders.no

Holy Riders MC Germany: http://www.holyriders.de

EMC Bike Week: http://www.emc-rally.com/index_eng.php?start=1

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