Apologetics and dinosaurs

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"God doesn't want to let gullible people into heaven, so he tests you with dinosaur bones to make sure you actually know how to think for yourself not just listen to experts."


  • It's begging the question, assuming atheists haven't already "thought for themselves", and examined the evidence.
  • It's begging the question additionally, assuming there's a god to "test" us, at all.
  • The claim is not falsifiable, and thus cannot be considered within a scientific context.
  • It's in violation of Occam's Razor, in that the simpler explanation is that dinosaurs died and fossilized, without an additional agents and motivations.
  • It's accusing atheists of engaging in the argument from authority. Accepting the claims is based from evidence and skepticism, not because "experts" said so.
  • Given a choice between evidence and logic-based claims by experts, and no-evidence and illogical-based claims from religious sources, it's a far better choice to go with the evidence.

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