God Is Not Great

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Christopher Hitchens speaking in 2007

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything is a book by Christopher Hitchens.


  • Putting It Mildly
  • Religion Kills
  • A Short Digression on the Pig: or, why Heaven Hates Ham
  • A Note on Health, to Which Religion Can Be Hazardous
  • The Metaphysical Claims of Religion Are False
  • Arguments from Design
  • Revelation: The Nightmare of the "Old" Testament
  • The "New" Testament Exceeds the Evil of the "Old" One
  • The Koran Is Borrowed from Both Jewish and Christian Myths
  • The Tawdriness of the Miraculous and the Decline of Hell
  • "The Lowly Stamp of their Origin": Religion's Corrupt Beginnings
  • A Coda: How Religions End
  • Does Religion Make People Behave Better?
  • There Is No "Eastern" Solution
  • Religion as an Original Sin
  • Is Religion Child Abuse?
  • An Objection Anticipated: The Last-Ditch "Case" Against Secularism
  • A Finer Tradition: The Resistance of the Rational
  • In Conclusion: The Need for a New Enlightenment

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