God Is Not Great

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God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything is a book by Christopher Hitchens.



Putting It Mildly

Religion Kills

A Short Digression on the Pig: or, why Heaven Hates Ham

A Note on Health, to Which Religion Can Be Hazardous

The Metaphysical Claims of Religion Are False

Arguments from Design

Revelation: The Nightmare of the "Old" Testament

The "New" Testament Exceeds the Evil of the "Old" One

The Koran Is Borrowed from Both Jewish and Christian Myths

The Tawdriness of the Miraculous and the Decline of Hell

"The Lowly Stamp of their Origin": Religion's Corrupt Beginnings

A Coda: How Religions End

Does Religion Make People Behave Better?

There Is No "Eastern" Solution

Religion as an Original Sin

Is Religion Child Abuse?

An Objection Anticipated: The Last-Ditch "Case" Against Secularism

A Finer Tradition: The Resistance of the Rational

In Conclusion: The Need for a New Enlightenment

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