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(Other Points of Interest)
(Other Points of Interest)
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==Other Points of Interest==
==Other Points of Interest==
[[Land of Nod]]from Gen 4:16
[[Land of Nod]] from Gen 4:16
[[Nephilim]] from Gen 6:4
[[Nephilim]] from Gen 6:4

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In the beginning...

Books of the Bible

Genesis is the first book of the part of the Bible Christians call the Old Testament and Jews call the Tanakh. It is likely the most well known book of the Old Testament, although its length makes it one of the more difficult books to read all the way through.

Bible Stories from Genesis

Genesis includes some of the best-known Bible stories, including:

The Jewish creation myth at the beginning of the book is used as the basis for creationism.

Other Points of Interest

Land of Nod from Gen 4:16

Nephilim from Gen 6:4

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