Gaps in the fossil record

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The argument that there are gaps in the fossil record is used extremely commonly by apologists and is basically the same as saying that there are no transitional fossils. There are several large problems with this argument, however:

  1. When the The Origin of Species was first published the fossil record was very sparse and, thus, the amount of gaps it contained was very damning. However, as the years passed scientists found more and more fossils, thus decreasing the amount of gaps. Nowadays gaps do still exist, but in some places the gaps are very small and in some they're very large. It's not logical to state that the gaps that exist nowadays will never be filled.
  2. In reality, there's almost no way to convince a creationist that transitional fossils exist. For example, suppose scientists don't know how one animal evolved into another. Creationists then tout this gap (the gap between fossil A and fossil B) as proof that there are no transitional fossils. However, when a transition (fossil C) is discovered between the two, the creationist will simply say that there are now two gaps, one between fossil A and fossil C and one between fossil C and fossil B. In other words, the more transitions are discovered, the more gaps creationists posit.
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