Free will argument for the non-existence of God

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Dan Barker argued against the existence of the Christian God based on his contradictory attributes. [1]

  1. A being with free will has the potential to choose between alternative choices.
  2. An omniscient god knows the future.
  3. God cannot potentially act differently, since he has foreknowledge of his actions.
  4. Therefore, that god does not have free will.

This discounts several popular monotheist Gods such as the Abrahamic God which are usually considered to have both free will and omniscience.


Counter arguments

Redefine free will

Apologists attempt to redefine free will to a more compatibilist friendly concept, most of which removes the potential alternative choice aspects of free will.

"A person can freely choose to act and have that act be known by God, but God knowing what a person freely chooses to do does not mean the person wasn’t free to choose it. [2]"


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