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Definitions of Delusion/Faith and Virtue

A virtue, as defined by the Random House Dictionary, is a particular moral excellence,or a good or admirable quality or property.

The meaning of faith, from the same dictionary, can be defined as a trust and/or belief in something that is not proven.

A delusion is a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.

The Value of Delusion/Faith

Comparing the definitions of delusion/faith and virtue reveal a disconnect between the two. However, virtues are established by the greater culture and society, and in many cultures delusion/faith is deemed as a good and admirable quality. Delusion/faith, along with all virtues assert that they are inherently good and moral qualities. By definition, morality and goodness are distinct ontological concepts. A truly virtuous person must be balanced all their virtues; for if delusion/faith fully encompasses a person then ignorance and dogmatism will come about. In comparison, if a person is too prudent, then opportunities will be lost. Delusion/faith is an admirable property, not simply because it allows for things to go unexplained, but because it allows oneself to be humble and submit to questions that cannot be answered. A delusional/faithful person can find trust and security in things that cannot be answered in reality, and that is virtuous.

The Original Ariticle

Comparing the definitions of faith and virtue reveal a lack of association between the two. Those who say that faith is a virtue assert that faith is a good and moral quality, but, by definition, morality and goodness are not necessary for faith. In fact, in many cases, having faith requires a person to believe that morally corrupt actions are in fact good, and ignoring one's conscience for the sake of religious belief is never a virtue.

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