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A '''fairy''' is a [[mythical creature]] that has taken on many different forms in the popular imagination throughout history. The most common modern conception, which became very popular in the early 20th century, is more or less like a more elegant (usually somewhat angelic) version of the ''Peter Pan'' character [[Wikipedia:Tinkerbell|Tinkerbell]] — a small, flying, female humanoid. In the past, however, the term has referred to a variety of magical creatures, such as [[troll]]s.
The significance of fairies to [[counter-apologetics]] is that they can be used in arguments as substitutes for [[God]] (or [[angel]]s, etc.) in arguments about the reasonableness of belief without evidence. Since some people still actually ''do'' believe in fairies, however, sometimes better use can be made of other [[mythical creature]]s, such as leprechauns or unicorns (see the latter article for an example).

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