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Eschatology refers to the ends times. There is a wide variety of religious beliefs concerning how human existence will end.

The main Christian concept of the end of the world is the Apocalypse, although the concept has many different interpretations. It has inspired many false predictions of the event.

Other beliefs include:

  • Singularity: Humans are evolving and increasing technology, leading toward a point of perfection.
  • Cyclical: Humans go through cycles, sometimes living very long lives, others being more like other animals.
  • Islam includes judgment, resurrection of the dead and fulfillment of a divine plan.
  • Judaism: Prophecies in the Old Testament book of Daniel speak of resurrection, judgment and divine retribution. They are referred to in Maccabees and claimed to be fulfilled in the New Testament.
  • Zoroastrianism: The perfection of creation will be restored. Each person is responsible for their own salvation and for the fate of the world.

The current scientific view is mixed but generally considers humans will continue exist for the time being, barring nuclear war or asteroid collision with the Earth. The final end might be the heat death of the universe, in which all usable energy is exhausted and the universe cools towards absolute zero. Considering evolution and the immense time scales, our non-human relatives may survive and continue after human extinction.

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