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Denialism is the philosophical position of choosing to deny reality to avoid an uncomfortable truth. For instance, the theist could take their particular religion on faith to deny the reality of there not being life after death. As author Paul O'Shea remarks, it is "irrational". On the face of empirical and valid scientific evidence, some proponents of Intelligent Design could be classified as denialists. For instance, Ray Comfort denies evolution when faced with empirical evidence, so could be called an "Evolution Denialist". The denialist position is typically against the principles of science, including methodological naturalism and falsifiability. In the context of history, many deny the Holocaust so are named "Holocaust denialists"; there are also lesser known categories of denalism such as "Climate change denialism" and "AIDS Denialism". Denialists often give appeals to emotion when denying parts of reality verified by science time and time again.

"by insisting the Bible is literally true, they have established a level of expectation for its authority that people simply cannot accept. As I have written about already, for example, whenever fundamentalist Christians insist, and they almost always do, that Genesis is a scientific account of creation, taking place some six to 10,000 years ago, and over a literal 24/7 period of time — they are expecting people to accept this while denying everything science, astronomy and biology have taught us. [1]"


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