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The Dead Sea scrolls are a series of documents and texts discovered by the Dead Sea. Different texts were discovered in different caves in the region from 1946 to 1947.

These texts were from early versions of the Hebrew Bible, written in different languages, far older than the oldest copies we had before. They were written from 170 BCE to 50 CE. They offer an insight into the early versions of the Biblical texts, and serves as some extra-biblical evidence.


Frequently, the Dead Sea scrolls are brought up as proof that the Bible is true. Sometimes, they're even referenced as confirmation for the events of Jesus.

The scrolls make reference of a messiah who would do marvelous acts, such as healing, which Jesus fulfilled. Thus, Jesus in fact did fulfill Messianic prophecy.

Counter Apologetics

  • None of the scrolls make reference to Jesus, or any of his disciples.
  • Not all claims made by the Old testament are in dispute - only the extraordinary claims, such as the Garden of Eden, or Noah's ark.

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