Dark Dungeons (Chick tract)

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A scene from Dark Dungeons

Dark Dungeons is a Chick tract whose description is "Debbie thought playing Dungeons and Dragons was fun... until it destroyed her friend."



Some very classic-looking 80's kids play Dungeons & Dragons, and get caught in a crazy alternate universe of Jack Chick's imagination.

Tract Walkthrough

A friendly game

(Panel 1)

  • Ms. Frost: "Okay, Wizard, cast your spell!"
  • Marcie: "Okay, Dungeon Master. My spell of light blinds the monster."

Comment: <nerdy>Um, isn't the dungeon master supposed to tell YOU whether you spell blinds the monster? :)</nerdy>

(Panel 2)

  • Frost: "The thief, Black Leaf, did not find the poison trap, and I declare her dead."
  • Marcie: "NO, NOT BLACK LEAF! NO, NO! I'M GOING TO DIE! Please don't make me quit the game! Somebody save me! You can't do this!"
  • Frost: "Marcie, get out of here. YOU'RE DEAD! You don't exist any more."

Comment: Far be it from this editor to judge the depths of emotion that serious role-playing gamers experience, but has anyone ever seen a reaction like this in real life? It takes about ten minutes to roll a new character, right?

As this event foreshadows the suicide of Marcie, no doubt it is at least partly based on such incidents as the suicide of Patricia Pulling's son Bink. However, the idea that Bink's suicide had anything to do with his character was never established. There is no clear evidence that anyone has ever become suicidally depressed over a lost character. However, this is fiction, so it's not all that important.

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