Creatures that Defy Evolution

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Creatures that Defy Evolution is a three volume apologist documentary where Dr. Martin attempts to provide examples of animal species whose existence cannot be explained by the Theory of Evolution, mostly through appeals to irreducible complexity and argument from incredulity.

Volume 1

Species Referenced

  1. Bombardier Beetle-
  • Dr. Martin presents argument from irreducible complexity regarding the structures and chemicals the Bombardier Beetle use to produce and eject an explosive substance. Mark Isaak has presented a thorough counter to this argument at Talk Origins.
  • Dr. Martin then makes an argument from incredulity that it is impossible for the Bombardier beetle to evolve since its defense mechanism is irreducibly complex.
  • He then ends this segment noting the discomfort he had when his study of the Bombardier Beetle became catalyst for 'flipping' his thinking from an 'evolutionary way' to 'thinking in more: this animal or little creature, little bug, whatever, was created, uh, fully formed. Just like it is!'. This is used in a manner similar to the 'I used to be an atheist' argument.
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