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Broadly speaking, creationism is the belief that a god or gods were involved in the apparance of humans on Earth. The most vocal creationists are Christians, but Jewish and Muslim creationists also exist.

The umbrella term "creationism" covers a wide variety of beliefs:

  • Young earth creationists (YECs) believe that Yahweh created the earth and all life on it in six 24-hour days, exactly as described in Genesis, and that the universe (and by extension the Earth) is less than 10,000 years old.
  • Old earth creationists (OECs) also believe that Yahweh created the Earth as described in Genesis, but interpret the Bible as allowing the Earth to be millions or billions of years old.
  • Intelligent design proponents generally accept mainstream science's age of the Earth, and even large amounts of evolution. They do, however, claim that certain features of living beings are too complex to have evolved naturally, and that an unspecified intelligent designer (who is usually understood to be God) was involved at some point.
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