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Creation myths are how people try and explain that the world exists. These myths make sense to the people who constructed the myths. Some creation myths are palpably absurd or provide no good explanation.

  1. The ancient Egyptians for example, believed three separate creation stories. There are some similarities. [1]
    1. Atum arose out of the primeval waters. He masturbated. Moisture arose from his semen and dryness from his breath. Note: There is no explanation how a complex reproductive system capable of producing semen arose out of (what?). Moisture and dryness copulated. This and further copulations led to everything that exists.
    2. Ra arose in an egg or a blue lotus due to some interaction between air and water. Ra created other gods and goddesses.
    3. Ptah is eternal like the Judeo-Christian god concept. The world and the rest of the pantheon exist because he spoke the word.
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