Conversations with an atheist

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Conversations with an Atheist

The Reverend Adam Hamilton, of The Church of the Resurrection (a United Methodist Church), has developed a six sermon series on atheism.

Statement of Purpose

"Has science eliminated humanity’s 'need' for God? Would the world be better off without organized religion? Is God merely a delusion? These are just a few of the questions raised by leading atheists today. In a new sermon series entitled Conversations With an Atheist, Rev. Adam Hamilton will raise six critiques of Christianity offered in the writings of leading spokespersons for atheism. He will acknowledge points at which atheists have something important to say to Christians today, but will end each sermon offering a Christian’s response to atheism’s challenges. Whether you are an atheist, an agnostic, or a Christian believer, these messages will challenge and inspire you. Join us for Conversations With an Atheist."

— Conversations with an atheist show description

The sermons can be downloaded in text form (via "notes") or downloaded as video and audio files.

Conversations with an atheist

1. Jan. 6/7 Science and God| 2. Jan. 13/14 When Religion Goes Bad | 3. Jan. 20/21 Religious Wars and Violence | 4. Jan. 27/28 The Bible’s Disturbing Stories | 5. Feb. 3/4 God and Suffering | 6. Feb. 10/11 The Case for "God"

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