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Conservapedia is a far-right-wing wiki with the stated goal of correcting bias and misinformation on Wikipedia. Some of the views expressed are so extreme that it is sometimes hard to tell which parts, if any, have been added by pranksters. The page on atheists is especially unreasonable, as it claims atheism is a religion (it isn't, just like bald isn't a hair color), tries to link atheism to obesity, etc. .

It has an extensive list of articles on atheism and related subjects.

The article on [Richard Dawkins] says that his family fortune came from the slave trade, and claims that he admires Adolf Hitler. Also, it says he said some rather stupid things on [Expelled: No Inelligence Allowed] to [Ben Stein], which he did not, the video has several obvious cuts. Read the page on [Expelled:No Intelligence Allowed] for more info.

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