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Pages and categories related to fixing "wiki errors" and/or general "wikifying" of existing article content — as opposed to developing more and better content (for which see Category:Content development).

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The following relevant special pages are listed here because they can't be placed in this category in the usual way.

Places to check for vandalism
Errors to fix
  • Special:BrokenRedirects, redirects that don't point to any existing page (either change the redirect, delete it, or create the missing article)
  • Special:DoubleRedirects, redirects that point to other redirects (bypass any intermediate redirects and make all redirect pages point to an actual article)
  • Special:Deadendpages, articles that don't link to any others
  • Special:Lonelypages, articles not linked to by any others (consider adding reciprocal links from articles these pages link to)
  • Special:Disambiguations, links to disambiguation pages (generally should be replaced by links to more specific page titles)
Category maintenance


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Pages in category "Maintenance"

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