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Templates whose sole purpose is to transclude one or more characters that might have otherwise been interpreted as elements of wiki syntax.

Note that these templates are rarely needed outside of template pages, template documentation, and other kinds of "help" pages that explain wiki syntax.

In particular, they should not be needed in articles — with the following exceptions:

  • Template:' may be used as a replacement for <nowiki>'</nowiki> to "protect" an apostrophe character from being interpreted as part of the wikicode for italics (''), bold text ('''), or bold italics (''''') — something that should actually happen quite rarely in article text.
  • Template:! might (again, rarely) be useful in tables when you want to get a visible pipe character (|) but it's being mistakenly interpreted as an element of wiki table syntax (the usual symptom of this being that the text immediately before the pipe character is not showing up either).

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