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Some apologists claim that atheism depends on evolution and abiogenesis.

"[...]let's take a look at one of the key foundational concepts of atheism: Chemical Evolution [i.e. Abiogenesis ...] And, as mentioned, atheism depends upon evolution's many absurd assumptions, and without them wanders as bewildered as a small scolded boy asked to go stand in the corner of a rounded room. [...] This, my friend, is a "problem" for evolution, and hence atheism. [1]"

The issue of the existence of God is separate from the theory of evolution. Plenty of Christians accept both evolution and theism, such as Francis Collins. Plenty of atheists do not accept evolution, including all atheists before the theory was developed! Disproving one does not disprove the other.

"Atheism and evolution are in no way tied together. My atheism is not dependent on an acceptance of evolution. It is entirely dependent on the theistic claims have not met their burden of proof.[2]"

Cultural impact of evolution

For more information, see the Wikipedia article:

Although the issues of evolution and atheism are actually separate, the introduction of evolution has cast doubt on many other theories of our origins as a species. This is problematic for scriptural literalists as their origins story has been thrown into doubt. It is quite reasonable to claim that Biblical literalism is incompatible with acceptance of evolution. Evolution also defuses many examples cited in the argument from design. While evolution has caused a crisis in many denominations, many other non-literalist denominations have no trouble accepting evolution.


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