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Mike Gillis (left) and Sam Mulvey on Ask an Atheist, episode 4, "Why Do Atheists Have a Show?".

Ask an Atheist is a live call-in TV show based in Seattle, Washington, dedicated to "atheism, skeptical inquiry, and issues of separation of church and state." It airs on Sundays from 3:00pm - 4:00pm PST. Inspired by the Atheist Experience, the program was created by Mike Gillis, Casey Doran, Sam Mulvey and Jeremy Whitman.

The program debuted on SCAN Community Media public access in Seattle on June 6, 2010. Past episodes are archived on the show's official website and on YouTube.

Format of the show

Like its inspiration, the Atheist Experience, the show is hosted each week by one of a rotation of Hosts, who acts as master o ceremonies for the program, along with a Co-Host who has prepared a specific topic for the episode. The rotating lineup of cohosts currently includes Mike Gillis, Casey Doran, Libbie Mistretta, Paul Case, Sam Mulvey, and Jerry Schiffelbein.

After a series of news stories related to religion, belief and skepticism and responding to emails from viewers, the Co-Host will speak on their topic for the duration of the program, allowing for calls from viewers. The calls need not stick to that show's topic, allowing the discussion to touch on any question or challenge the caller may have about atheism or skepticism. Recent official topics have included "Conspiracy Theories", "Biblical Contradictions" and "Epistemology."

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