Argument from free will

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"Humans experience ourselves and the world in a manner that is difficult to explain on naturalistic atheism or impersonal deism or pantheism. The best explanation for our experience is in our being created in the image of a personal God. [...] The most obvious instance of this is our human ability to make a decision and act on it. You and I have a measure of free will. [1]"


Counter arguments

Free will is an illusion

Free will is an illusion.

As far as we can tell, it is explainable by natural processes.

Argument from ignorance

Because this depends on finding an explanation. Some unknown process may be responsible, which has not been ruled out, so it is an argument from ignorance. It also depends on a phenomena that science may one day explain completely. It is therefore God of the gaps.

Which God?

Main Article: Which God?

No specific God or religion is supported by the argument.

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