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Apologetics is the systematic defense of a position. The term comes from the Greek word apologia (ἀπολογία), meaning defense of a position against an attack and should not be confused with the modern word "apology". Those who engage in this practice are known as apologists or apologetes.

This wiki focuses, primarily, on Christian apologetics and apologists.


Christian Apologetics

Christian apologetics can be divided into three categories:


This method of apologetics relies on philosophical arguments to support the existence of a god and builds upon those foundational arguments with additional arguments designed to support specific Christian claims.


This method relies on empirical evidence (historical evidence as well as archeology, cosmology, biology and other sciences) to build arguments which attempt to justify belief in God, miracles and other supernatural claims of Christian theology.


This method asserts that belief in god and the truth of revealed scripture (The Bible) are foundational assumptions. Beginning with those assumptions, the presuppostionalist attempts to rationally justify Christianity, defend Christianity from attack and attack perceived flaws in other worldviews.

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