Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn (Chick tract)

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Apes, Lies and Mrs. Henn is a tract written by the evangelist Jack Chick. It contains a message for children about the supposed falsity of evolution.


Panel 1

Head Teacher: I have good news children. Your teacher, Mrs. Tucker, had twins! And here is your new teacher, Mrs. Henn.

Li'l Suzy: Wow!

Class: Good Morning, Mrs. Henn!

Mrs. Henn: Thank you, children.

Panel 2

Mrs Henn: We're going to be great friends... and you'll meet many of my close friends, too. We're going to have such fun together... as long as you do what I say!

Comment: "You'll meet many of my close friends"? Usually, teachers don't invite their friends to class. And Chick is also portraying the teacher as visually unappealing, in order to get his message across.

Panel 3


Mrs. Henn: Today I want you to know how great you are and how far humans have come. Soon we'll live in outer space. But it took millions of years to change from apes into humans.

Comment: the species did not change from ape to human. Apes and humans have a relatively recent common ancestor. Evolution is best not thought of as a linear "ladder"; a better metaphor is a branching tree.

Panel 4

Kid: Did we really come from monkeys?

Mrs. Henn: Yes, scientists have PROVEN it.

Li'l Suzy: Timmy, that's a lie!


Comment: The short-tempered, somewhat irrational, science-worshiping authority figure is a favorite straw man employed in Chick tracts. A teacher would not get angry at the suggestion of creationism; in reality she would simply attempt to correct the child's misconceptions.

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