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Antony Garrard Newton Flew (11 February 1923 - 8 April 2010) was a British philosopher of religion. In 2004, Flew controversial espoused deism as his personal view; there are many controversies surrounding Flew's alleged conversion from atheism to a sort of deism. Throughout his life, Flew remained critical of theodicy and the notion of life after death.

Theology & Falsification

Antony Flew argued that theological statements make no assertion as to what cannot possibly happen. Therefore, theological statements are not assertions because there is no evidence that could possibly refute them.

"Take such utterances as "God has a plan," "God created the world," "God loves us as a father loves his children." [...] But let us confine ourselves to the cases where those who utter such sentences intend them to express assertions.[...] Now to assert that such and such is the case is necessarily equivalent to denying that such and such is not the case. [...] one way of trying to understand (or perhaps it will be to expose) his utterance is to attempt to find what he would regard as counting against, or as being incompatible with, its truth. [...] And if there is nothing which a putative assertion denies then there is nothing which it asserts either; and so it is not really an assertion. [1]"


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