Thou shalt not steal

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Exodus 20:15 Bible-icon.png Thou shalt not steal.

Counter Apologetics

  • This commandment is often cited as proof of the morality of the Bible or the neccessity of the Ten Commandments, however almost every law code in the history of the world has included this rule. Any half-decent law maker would come up with this rule without needing to a god to tell them.
  • The Jewish people in the story traveled across the desert before finally being told that it isn't okay to go around pocketing other people's things?

In United States Law

  • The 8th commandment is a part of U.S. Law. U.S. Law prohibits the taking of another's property without permission (and usually some form of compensation). It is worth noting that this prohibition exists in one form or another in virtually every society in the world, Christian dominated or not.
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